It has been 22 years+ since HMDR moved its Hare Scramble, an opportunity brings us closer to our roots of the glory days at the boy scout camp, Hobbie and Drums PA.
Shotgun Hare Scramble @ LaROCKs GROVE 142 CABIN LANE, SUGARLOAF, PA .
DO NOT RETURN to the VENUE to RIDE, You will be prosecuted

This is venue is 4000 acres, so back in the mid 80’s our enduro skirted the field and used the power line of this venue.
We are happy to be back closer to home.

So on July 20th and 21st, the inaugural Shotgun Hare Scramble @ LaRocks Grove begins a new era.

Basic details, the property is an active farm that also serves active sportsman rifle shoots, an RC airplane group, a ball field, a few seasonal campers. a B&B, lodge, pavilions and more. Our host and landowner Shannon welcomes us HMDR, the ECEA and racers, friends and families to come and enjoy his property for the HMDR Hare Scramble. Shannon is a business man and a great guy with an awesome family please say hello and respect this venue. THIS IS PRIVATE LAND, do not return or ask to ride on this land.
Enough intro, the venue, the trail ………
We have placed the only dirt bike trails on this land ( approx 7 miles new). There was many miles of 2 track and roads that we will use sparingly to have fun and stretch our arms. We are staying on the base of the mountain running west to east, (left to right) as you pull in and face the power line that divides the property.
You can spectate in a 1+ mile direction to the Left or Right of scoring
The kids will see 1,6 to 2,6 miles on the East (Right side), Youth 5 to 6 will venture to the west side. C riders 7+ and the Main around 8-9.
We have still have some favorites, Lenson’s leap ( a few in the main), the Covered Bridge Trail that leads to the haunted Hearst, the Pines are back, sniveling in the rocks, twisting with the birches . the stump fields, the grassy maze..and more!!!

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We will be using about 2.5+ miles in width of venue…

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